A little bit about
our studio

We are Irene and Borja, a team of product designers with 10+ years of combined solid professional experience in digital & graphic design as well as industrial design and fine arts, developing our careers working for both startups and creative agencies.


Together we are eightyfive studio.

Established in 2020 and based in Berlin, Germany, at eightyfive studio we understand the complexities of design processes. Our goal is to guide our clients in every step, enabling them to bring their vision to life by making them part of our creative team.

We believe design is not something we make for ourselves. Design is simply the art of problem-solving, and its fundamental basis is to help the other end, the audience, the user.


We truly believe this principle helps our clients reach their goals, by properly communicating their values and never stopping improving their products to steadily grow their businesses.


We never stop learning, we will never stop challenging ourselves. We are passionate about what we do: we want to join your vision and make it our mission to make your idea a reality.

Our vision

Our core

Honesty and trust

We believe that a successful working relationship can only be achieved by establishing a trustful environment between equals.

We are always clear and honest on every potential challenge, and based on a thorough analysis, we propose clear solutions with transparent frameworks to empower your concept vision.


It is our responsibility, as professional designers, to guide you through every step of our creative process by introducing you to design thinking techniques, including you as part of our team.

Attention to detail

For us, the key to the success of our collaboration is that your project is the only protagonist. That’s why we are only on a limited number of projects simultaneously, so we focus on every aspect, from conception to delivery.


We love to create, expand our knowledge, play with different ideas and have fun while working with you. We believe that a kind and happy spirit drives every team’s potential to its fullest… always fueled by a massive amount of donuts!

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